Cnc Router VS Laser Cutter Which Is Good For Cut Acrylic?

Cnc Router VS Laser Cutter Machine.

Comparison Of Cnc Router And Laser Cutting machine, Which is good To Cut Acrylic. How to choose it for your Cutting Business.

Here is Compare To Cnc Router And Laser Cutting Machine which is good for Acrylic Cutting.

01. Cnc Router
Cnc Router Based Computer system to Cut and Engraving Materials by Knife Bits.
02. Laser Cutter
Laser Cutting Machine to Cut And Engraving Materails By Laser.  
Cnc Router For Acrylic Cutting
Laser Cutter Is Suitable For Acrylic,Plastic,Signs Letter Engraving and Cutting, Also can be Carving Fabirc and Textiles.
Cnc Router Is Ok to Cut and Engraving All Materials. It can Also Engraving 3D Effects Job. 
But If you use Cnc Router to Cut Acrylic , It need to polish after Cutting.

Now you Can See Follows Video With a Laser Cutter For Acrylic.
And Also Cnc Router Working Videos
Total Means :
Two machines are basically used as Cutting And Engraving.


carlos color said…
If Materials is Acrylic Plywood, Which Machine is good for cutting between Cnc Router And Laser Cutting Machine? Waiting for your explanation.
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Both CNC Router And Laser Cutter can Be easy to make cutting with Acrylic And Plywood, But If you use a CNC router to cut it, so the speed is faster.

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