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how to buy a good laser engraver?

how to buy a good laser engraver? we hope this article can be helping more CO2 laser engraver cutter buyer to choose a good machine. CO2 laser engraver cutter on the market of products is very large, there is the whole imported machines ,there is China 's self-designed production machines ,domestic assembly of imported parts in the machine ,a professional engraving machine, marking a professional , a professional cutting machine , there are two or more functions of the machine who is , then how to buy it? 1 service: CO2 laser engraver cutter laser tube, reflective lenses are consumables, there is a certain life, after due for To replace .This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee , can provide these supplies timely. (2) Product Quality: Also is a CO2 laser engraver cutter, used parts is not the same , following are examples : a) stepper motor : relationship to CO2 laser engraver cutter engraving precision, some manufacturers chose import

Easy To Get Skills To Protect Your Co2 Laser Tube Works Lifespan

To Know And Protect Your Co2 Laser Tube Works Lifespan. Is A very Important Skills to Let Your Laser Cutting Machine Make Long Time works Life. Now Let Us To Tell You What factors affect this CO2 Laser Tube Lifespan. The first factor affects You CO2 Laser Tube Lifespan. It is The Cooling System, As All User Know that CO2 Laser tube is need the Water Cooling System.  Check Your Laser Tube Water Cooling System Everyday, also need to check water Enter and Out when you work with the laser cutting machine . The water temperature should be controlled within the range of 25℃-30℃ On Your Laser Tube, not too high or too low. This is real important thing ,  If Temperature High, So your Laser Tube Lifespan will be short down Quickly. The second factor affects your CO2 laser tube  Lifespan. It is The Laser Machine Power Supplying System. The laser tube can input the laser, and then cut to the material, the laser power supply is the main accessory The Best Co2 Laser Cutting Machine May Based High q

How to install a new Chinese CO2 Laser machine?

Chinese CO2 Laser Machine Installation Guide. Are you First Time to Operate a new CO2 Laser Cutting Machine?Do you know how to install it when you bought this machine?There are Setup And Installation Guide To Let you know!( Here is The Completed Video ). First, open the package of the Chinese CO2 Laser Machine and check whether the accessories are complete. Generally, there will be an installation CD, an encryption card, an instruction manual, a warranty card, a power cord, a data line, a water pump, and a smoke exhaust pipe. ventilator. 2. The Chinese CO2 Laser Machine should be lifted out of the package steadily, and it should not be carried out side by side, because the laser head is not bound, and other parts will be damaged after running to the head. Place it flat on the table. 3. Connect the data cable Of the Chinese CO2 Laser Machine . The power cable and the water pump. Pay attention to this place. The vertical machine should be the water inlet on the bottom and the water outle

What You can Cut And Engraver With Laser Machine

How Does the Laser Machine To Cut Engraver. The laser Machine can process almost any material, but it is limited by the power rate of the laser transmitter. The materials that can be processed by the "CO2" laser engraving and cutting machine are mainly non-metallic materials, and If "Fiber" laser The engraving machine is mainly made of metal materials. The CO2 Laser Machine Can Cut And Engraver All Materials Including: organic glass, plastic, two-color board, glass, bamboo wood, foam plastic, cloth, leather, rubber board, stone, artificial stone PVC board, two-color board, wood products, metal board, stone, crystal, Corian, paper , Two-color board, alumina, leather, resin, spray metal. Non-metallic material processing (co2 laser Machine): plexiglass, wood, leather, cloth, plastic, printing rubber plate, two-color board, glass, synthetic crystal, horn, cardboard, density board, marble, jade, etc.; metal material processing (YAG Laser) common metal materials,Here is t

What Are Different Between Fiber VS CO2 Laser?

Fiber Laser VS Co2 Laser,What Different? What Are Different Between Fiber Laser Machine And CO2 Laser machine?The Main different is The Laser technlogy for different Materails! Fiber Laser Engraving Cutting machine is Output Fiber Laser To All Metals. As A CO2 Laser engraving Cutting machine is Output Co2 Laser To All Nonmetal Materails. What are The Technology Of Two Laser Fiber And CO2? The main difference between fiber laser and CO2 laser is that the working materials of the two are different. The working material of fiber laser is fiber, while the working material of CO2 laser is CO2, which is a gas laser. In addition, the power of the two is relatively large. The difference between fiber lasers is currently more than a few hundred watts to thousands of watts, while the common power range of CO2 lasers is 80W to 600W. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of fiber lasers is higher than that of CO2 lasers. In terms of cutting quality and speed, fiber lasers are better than CO2 las

Compared With 60w VS 80w VS 130w CO2 Laser Power?

If you Choose A CO2 Laser Cutting Machine.How you know Skills To Choose Different Laser Tube Power Between 60w 80w 100w 150w ? Compare Different CO2 Laser Power 60w 80w 130w? What is CO2 Laser Tube Power In your Machine? CO2 Laser Tube is a gas laser tube that uses CO2 gas as du working material. The discharge tube is usually made of glass or quartz material, filled with CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases (mainly helium and nitrogen, and usually a small amount of hydrogen or xenon) the electrode is generally a hollow cylinder made of nickel; resonant cavity One end is a gold-plated total reflection mirror, and the other end is a partial reflection mirror polished with germanium or gallium arsenide. When a high voltage (usually DC or low-frequency AC) is applied to the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube. and there is a laser output at one end of the germanium mirror, and its wavelength is in the mid-infrared band near 10.6 microns; generally a better tube . A

what Are CO2 Laser equipments?

what Are CO2 Laser equipments? CO2 laser engraving machine is to use CO2 laser Tube machine, Co2 laser equipment is such a common model, the focus mode, small size, high degree of integration. The principle of laser engraving is that: a laser beam transmitted through the optical mechanism and focusing on the surface of the material with high energy density of the laser beam of the point of rapid evaporation, forming pits point. Promote the use of computer-controlled laser head moves xy console and in accordance with the requirements of the switching control of the laser image information processed after the software has been stored in the computer in some way, when in order to read information from the computer, the laser head on the edge left to right, top to bottom, with progressive scanning track scan back and forth. Scan whenever a "1" point, so that the laser is turned on, scanning to a "0" point, so that the laser off. Computer storage information is performe

CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine 6040 Vs 1390?

Laser Cutting Machine 6040 VS 1390 Laser Engraving Machine Many Customer is not know how to choose What is The best Laser Engraving Cutting machine for your Shop. Now let us explan What are The best Choose Between 6040 And 1390 CO2 Laser engraving Cutting machine? Which sould be choose? (1). Laser Engraver Cutting machine 6040 : This machine based smaller max cutting area, and based M2 Cheap Laser system and PCB Board, so 6040 model laser engraving cutting machine will be Cheap. Above this 4060 co2 laser engraving machine in small working size 40x60cm is based very low price in china market, Because the system is cheap laser & PCB controlls. (2) Laser Engraving Cutter 1390: If you are need a long time works and cutting business, so better to choose CY1390 Laser engraver cutter . This machine based Qianlong system , Offline and Online USB Direct work. Engraving and cutting speed is very fast. CY-1390 co2 laser  machine use the world top brand parts, the laser head can automatically

How to Cut Vinyl Stickers with a CO2 Cutting machine?

Does The CO2 Laser Machine Can Cut Vinyls: Best answer: Yes, it is very positive, and the cutting effect of this CO2 Laser machine is very good, Vinyls and papers can all be cut directly. CO2 laser engraving machine focuses the extremely thin laser beam like a cutter. As long as it is high-power, it can cut some products with small thickness, such as cardboard, Vinyl,stickers and other products. Its advancement lies in the process.( Here you can Watch Video how does the CO2 Laser machine to Cut Vinyl ).   The CO2 Laser Machine is non-contact processing and does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical pressure, so it will not damage the processed article; because the size of the laser focus is small, the heat affected area is small, and the processing is fine, it can complete some conventional methods that cannot be achieved Craft.   Self-adhesive Vinyl sticker laser Cutting machine adopts advanced laser processing equipment and technology. With its advantages of accuracy, fastne

How to adjust Laser Lens For CO2 Laser Machine

Training Technical How To Adjust Laser Tube Lens。 What is the Co2 laser engraving machine lens? How to adjust and Focus Tahese Lenses? CO2 Laser engraving machine lenses are divided into reflective lenses and focusing lenses, which are used to focus and reflect the laser.   Watch This Below this video to teach you how to fix Laser lens Problems For Your CO2 Laser Cutting Machine . Follows are completed steps to you know how to Focus the CO2 Laser Lens. Step 1: Adjust the laser current of the CO2 Laser Machine to less than 5, so that the laser power should not be too strong; Step 2: Put the dimming paper in front of the first lens, and lightly press the test switch with your hand (press and release immediately, you can see the laser spot on the dimming paper), and check whether the spot falls on On the first lens (preferably the middle), if the lens can be found, this step is completed on the upper. If the lens cannot be hit or the lens is deflected, you need to adjust the position or h

New Best Four Laser Engraving Software Introduction

As everyone knows, there are many types and styles of laser engraving machines. Now I will summarize the 4 best laser engraving machine software for you.  A total of four laser engraving machine software knowledge.  The Firstly, Let us to Introduce you: CorelLASER Software For Laser Engraving Machine. CorelLaser is a general-purpose laser engraving machine software that can be compatible with various brands of CO2 laser engraving machines. Laser engraving machines using CorelLaser are generally cheap laser systems, using M2 laser engraving and cutting circuit motherboards, and are used for this software Laser engraving machines are small, such as laser engraving machine 3020, 6040, 6090.  The operation of this software is very simple, the design page is very similar to coreldraw X4, you can also directly use the AI software to output the engraving file. LaserCAD Software For Laser Engraving Machine. LaserCAD is a software that supports online and offline file cutting. It allows your l

How To Configure The parameter For The Fiber Laser Machine

Thanks for all User Choose Our Fiber Laser Engraving Marking Machine, Now this is best method To Setup And Configure The parameter Between Ezcad Software And The Machine System.   We are Common to Packge The New Fiber laser machine By Strong Wood box to Deliver to all Buyer,   So when Any Buyer received our package , the first thing is to open the wood box and clear all machine parts.   As a New Fiber Laser Machine, It is no Other Specical Installation , User is Only install The machine Power cable, USB Cable.  So User can power on the Fiber laser engraving Marking machine.   But Only One Thing you need to do. The Correct Configuration Parameter For Fiber Laser Marking Machine. More Over, Our Fiber laser machine CY20W CY30W CY50W All has Quality Guarantee,Choose Us you can get 2 Year free Our machine Warranty.  Now Please Follow to Next Steps According Our Photo To Configure The parameter For The Fiber Laser Machine. So it will be Direct Working. The Firstly , It is also a important t

The Best Price CO2 Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine In Lagos,Nigeria.

Lagos,Nigeria The Best Supplier Selling 130w CO2 Laser Cutter Laser Cutting Machine With Best Condition with follows Terms. 1.Laser tube(Installed ) 2. one lens,(installed) 3.Water chiller:cw3000/5200 4.English manual(Machine and the software) 5.Three reflecting mirror(Installed) Application industry and material : Mainly used in: crafts, furniture, glass products, wood products, PVC, lighting, advertising, decoration, paper, mark board, stamps and seals, acrylic, bamboo products, hand straps and shoes, clothing , fabrics, etc. By adjusting the laser parameters, the machine can perform a variety of engraving and cutting. This machine has many advantages: smooth cutting, non-contact cutting, high-speed engraving, accurate engraving and good results. Features: 1. The box made up of 3mm steel plate platform makes the mechanical system and laser system work more stable. 2. Three imported linear guides to make the cutting precision and curve of the work piece more precise and smooth 3. Usin

Laser Cutter CorelDRAW_X4_SP2_14 Free Download

CorelDRAW_X4 Is A Special version For CO2 Laser Cutter, Laser Engraving Machine, Here Can Get Free link To download It. What is CorelDRAW X4 SP2 Software?Get Free Download From Here? This version Coreldraw Is Suitable for All Kinds of CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving machine. Easy To Setup , and easy to Design to Output with Co2 Laser Machine. WinSeals Laser Cutting Software, supports 10 different formats of pictures, graphics, text, directly connected with laser machine Usb. Users can design graphics in CorelDRAW_X4_SP2_14.0.0.701, as long as they are in any format or AI everywhere, they can directly cut and engraving through this CorelDRAW_X4_SP2_14.0.0.701 software. In addition: CorelDRAW_X4_SP2 is also a graphic design software. Laser processing is a software that every user who purchases CO2 Laser machine is worth learning and owning .. How let us to See How to Install After You Donwload This CorelDRAW_X4_SP2_14.0.0.701 Software. Also Let Us To See how Is best Laser Cutting Machine Wor

What are components and parts For The Laser machines?

Co2 laser Cutting machine Components Parts Introduction. What are the components and parts of Co2 laser Cutting engraving machine? Follows this video show you all.( Here is The Video To Introduce you all Components and Parts for The CO2 Laser Cutting Machine ).   a Co2 laser Cutting machine consists of three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface. The laser is a drawing tool: the beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surface. Laser Cutters are great tools offering the possibility to create many different things. From simple boxes to engraving detailed graphics into wood or building complex three-dimensional objects. In this beginners guide, I will explain the basics of how a laser cutter works, show you some examples of things that can be made with a laser and how to create designs for laser cutting or engraving.  You’ll also learn which material can be used and how to get access to a Co2 laser Cutting machine .

User Manual Guide For Laser Machine AWC708C

AWC708C LITE Motion Control Is The CO2 Laser Cutting Machine System. To Learn What is Awc708c CO2 Laser Cutting System Operation Guide. This manual Guide is applicable to engineers who have a certain understanding of CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine The composition, installation and use of AWC708CLITEare introduced in detail. 1.1 System Introduction AWC708CLITE is a universal motion controller for laser cutting, laser engraving and other fields developed by Shenzhen Trocen Automation Tech co., LTD.This controllerfeatured with single/double-head cutting that  can  meet  the  requirement  of  laser  in  low/medium power,  is designated for laser cutting/engraving machine, used for toys and gifts, clothing, acrylic or packaging fields.This system is used by LaserCAD software and motion controller, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost. 1.5.1Function KeysFunction AWC708CLITE key is designed to directly realize a specific operation function. 1.6

CorelLASER Software Free Download Installation Kills

CorelLaser Installation Skills Guide Free Download. CorelLASER Is a tools Driver For CorelDRAW_X4 To Direct Output Engraving And Cutting For your CO2 Laser Machine. Now You can Get Free Download. What Is CorelLASER Software ? CorelLASER is a CDR plug-in for CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine output editing . Why You Need Install CorelLaser Plug? If you did not install This CorelLASER Plug, So The CorelDRAW_X4 will no icon To Click Engraving And Cutting. Also Before you install CorelLaser , So you need to install the CorelDRAW_X4 Software In firstly. How To Install CorelLaser? CorelLaser Is very Easy to Install, You are only Need to click Setup File , So CorelLaser Plug Will automatic To finish Installation . What CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine Can Use CorelLaser? Most CorelLaser Is use In Smaller Laser Cutting Machine, Like 3020 Mini Laser Engraver, 6040 Laser Cutting Machine. (And Most Laser machine if Based M2 Laser System, So all can use on this CorelLaser Software). More Abo

Purchasing laser cutting engraver machine Precautions.

Purchasing laser cutting engraver machine. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the rising market demand for quality, such as metal laser cutting machine laser equipment gained wide use. How to choose a suitable CO2 laser cutting machine? Here, the author analyzed solve this problem, I believe that the choice of a suitable metal laser cutting machine is generally dependent on the production of the material, in general, need to consider the following questions: 1, cutting sewing fine: laser cut slotted typically 0.10mm-0.20mm; 2, the cutting surface is smooth: laser cutting burr-free cutting surfaces law; 3, the thermal deformation: laser processing laser slotting thin, fast, energy concentration, so spread the heat on the material being cut is small, causing deformation of the material is very small; 4, suitable for processing large products: mold manufacturing large products of high cost, laser processing without any mold manufacturing, machining and laser punchi

What Are The Tips To Choose Best Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Three Point To you Buy Good Fiber Laser Marking Machine. Faced with so many laser Machine Manufacturer In china, how to select the most satisfied Fiber Laser Marking machine to customers. Below are points for choosing a laser machine. 1. Price For Fiber laser marking Machine If a Real Manufacturer of Fiber laser machine, So they would be make reasonbale Price to Sell Customers. 2. Brand Of Fiber laser machine Best Brand Supplier will make Customer warranty , Online service support. 3. Watt Power 20w 30w 50w For Fiber laser machine As all friend know that fiber laser machine has different optional Watt for you choose : 20W 30W 50W. based different Power of the laser , will engraving more deep or less thickness materials Good Fiber laser marking machine Supplier will take customer more satisfied Works. Always choose manufacturer over any supplier because they will offer the best price for Fiber laser Engraving Marking machine,  Also Produce different model as CO2 Laser engraving cutting

Co2 Laser engraver Application industry

Co2 Laser engraver Application industry. Application of laser engraving machine industry analysis categorized and summarized: Laser engraving machine powerful, simple operation, easy to control, making it one of the modern industrial manufacturing equipment indispensable. Whether in the traditional packaging industry, garment industry, or new gifts acrylic processing, electronic devices PCB board processing, CO2 laser marking machine can be easily qualified, and some enterprises through the analysis of their own characteristics, combined with its own laser equipment, the development of many new laser technology, such as laser light guide plate technology Masaaki laser technology has become a major highlight of the industry. Since the laser processing equipment is so good, then the major industry-specific technology it involves what is it? Masaaki laser through the analysis of the industry, combined with customer inquiries, feedback and understanding of the customer's visit, the

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