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Do you know what is JD Paint software?

Do you know what is JD Paint software? JD Paint software is a making cutting and 2D Engraving and 3D Engraving software which is very useful on cnc router machine. follows is the introduction of the JD Paint software.      JD Paint software  With the maturity of Chinese supplies market , 2005 onwards , CARVING has landed in Taiwan and the mainland market , and invest in the establishment of the Asia-Pacific (Taiwan ) R & D center and production base in China . 2006 established CARVING ( China ) brand marketing center, headquartered in Guangzhou ; CARVING ( China ) brand marketing center is responsible CARVING brand printing supplies in Greater China sales and promotion. JD Paint Edit History 1996 , carved International Holdings Limited was established in the Cayman Islands , create CARVING printing supplies brand , the main printing supplies , office supplies and digital products. 1998 , carved International Holdings through mergers

ArtCAM Training manual Download

ArtCAM Scholar to easy get the ArtCAM manual . ArtCAM Software INTRODUCTION:   ArtCAM Insignia is a carved design and two-dimensional semi-processed systems. It can be used directly by the two-dimensional vector artwork quickly produce excellent results sculpture design and CNC toolpaths . ArtCAM Insignia is carving design and processing industry with reliable solutions . We are committed to maintaining our leadership position in the software industry , so you can keep your competitive edge, never out of date.   ArtCAM Insignia provides a very flexible design tool, you can think of , ArtCAM Insignia can do . Powerful vector tools and font control , you can quickly produce a vector design . Advanced vector editing software , so you can freely modify the design or data editing input . True shape nesting capabilities can significantly reduce material waste ; automatic insert wizard allows you to easily generate artistic mosaic

ArtCam installation problem and study video

ArtCam installation problem and study video. this is for any person who use ArtCAM with problem. so you can see our this video for seeing how to install the ArtCAM Success. ArtCam History Edit: ArtCAM Designer: carving artist was born in 2011 Editor 1991 began in early Unix workstations 1992 began to apply on Sun, HP, Silicon Graphics and Sony and other workstations. With Windows 1993 version once. 1994 officially released Windows 3.1 applications on the ArtCAM V1.0 version. iArtCAM Official Design Works iArtCAM Official Design Works ( 9 ) 1995 V 2.0 release adds vector-based machining capabilities . 1997 V3.0 new interface appears to increase the relief vector modeling and paste functions . 1999 V4.0 add interactivity engraving capabilities. 2000 V4.5 enhanced processing capabilities and a new interface . 2001 V5.0 new engraving algorithms . 2002 V5.5 new processing interface , intelligent carving. 2003 V6.

ArtCAM software 7.0 english Download.

ArtCAM software 7.0 8.2 english Download. in order to let more client very good for using cnc router with ArtCAM software, so here we are showing you this english ArtCAM software. ArtCAM Delcam software product line is a British company produced a unique CAD modeling and CNC, CAM machining solution is a complex three-dimensional three-dimensional relief design , jewelry design and manufacture of the preferred CAD / CAM software solution that can be quickly converted into a two-dimensional concept three-dimensional art products . Full Chinese user interface enables users to be more convenient, fast and flexible three-dimensional relief design and processing , widely used for carving produced in the field of mold manufacturing , jewelry production, packaging design , medals and coins manufacturing and signage production. Function Editor 1. plane data design editing features : vector , bitmap read , create and modify ; 2. power

How ArtCam software Creat 2D cutting Line.

How ArtCam software Creat 2D cutting Line. Do you know what is ArtCam software. artcam is a most important software for design engraving and cutting job for cnc routers. Now we are share you a video for how to design 2D engraving and cutting job on artcam software. please click Here to Download to see the working video. Introduction for artcam! 2D design : using creativity to design a completely new type of jewelry or input BMP , JPEG , tiff , AI , GIF , DWG and DXF 2D file . Humanization of the ArtCAM graphical interface , easy operation , and built-in operating spirit, can rapid on-line , let creativity into full play . 3D model : 3D model directly from the high quality and design of complete freedom to produce 2D vector graphics and fast . ArtCAM 2009 added relief layer management function and the direct operation of 2D line in 3D interface , can be complicated design flexible , fast relief modeling , in addition to rel

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