How to choose different knife bit tools for cnc engraver router.

How to choose different knife bit tools.

Processing speed cnc engraving machine itself is important, but also directly affect the processing graver effects and processing efficiency , then how better to generate carving trails? Here to tell you about .
Currently carving tool on the market can be divided into :
1 , flat knife , the type of cutting tool for thin , flat carving, color plate engraving , fine relief carving ;
2, the center knife , this type of tool is mainly applied to the tip end of the word tombstone carving , three-dimensional sculpture, go hypotenuse , etc. ;
3 , straight knife for cutting MDF , acrylic cutting, end milling characters , etc. ;
4 , the ball knife for relief carving , carving knife art glass sinter ball with excellent results . Various types of knives without limitation that can only end for cutting or milling , but also the flexibility to use based on graphics.

A problem when generating tool path must face is the tool of choice , the blade angle of the tool and blade width influence on machining accuracy and speed great tool if the blade angle and blade machining speed is large , but the processing out of the graphics may not be precise, the blade angle of the tool and blade width smaller then the processing speed is slow, but the graphics are very fine, the durability of the tool is relatively poor, and therefore do is to try to grasp the path , choose the most appropriate tool . The actual processing to fully consider the relationship between processing effects and processing efficiency , flexible application of crude knife , small knife , and three-dimensional sculpture , etc., large graphics area with large carving knives for processing, a small area in the graphics area to reflect the effect of use a small tool for fine machining , another set of tools overlap rate is also very important.

Therefore, accurate processing of the actual carving tool to use is the key to success !
Different tool materials used are not the same , here are some of the specific materials for the choice of what kind of knife:

1 , acrylic cutting , it is recommended to use a single blade spiral cutter , is characterized by the processing of smokeless , odorless , fast , efficient, non-stick scraps, real environmental protection , its special manufacturing process to ensure that no explosive processing acrylic mouth , fine knife pattern ( or no knife pattern ) , the surface is smooth . Scrub the surface to be processed to achieve results , it is recommended to use three double-edged blade spiral cutter .
2 , MDF cutting ( ad mold used ) , it is recommended to use double-edged big chip spiral cutter , which has two high-capacity flutes , double-edged design, both with good chip features, but also to achieve good tool balance , while in the processing of high -density , not black, not cap smoke, long life and other characteristics .

3 , aluminum cutting , it is recommended to use a single blade with a special aluminum cutter . Processing sticking knife , fast and efficient.

4 , precision machining of small reliefs recommended round cutter .

5 , cork , MDF, native wood , PVC, acrylic processing large deep relief , it is recommended to use a single blade screw ball end mill .

6 , burr-free cutting on the following recommended single blade , double-edged cutter cut down .

7 , metal engraving process , it is recommended to use a single blade , double-edged knife straight groove flat .

8,3 D chisel, high concentricity , sharp edge , do sophisticated 3D engraving .

9 , high density , solid wood edge tooth cutters are recommended .

10 , plywood, plywood processing , it is recommended to use double-edged straight groove cutter.

11 , using the results under the knife , burr-free surface on processed products , the processing will not rocker .

12 , the metal mold processing mills, recommended tungsten steel cutter, purple plated hardened titanium.
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