Solvent - Eco solvent - UV ink printer difference

Solvent - Eco solvent - UV ink printer difference.

what are the different between eco solvent ink and solvent ink and UV ink?

1.about Eco solvent ink!
eco solvent ink is also called Environmental ink,In recent years started on the outdoor solvent-based digital inkjet market popular high security, low volatility, low micro-toxicity, high flash point of a new outdoor solvent inkjet, and its development has not stalled, has someone higher demands, to develop it as a green solvent inkjet outdoor.
Note: eco solvent are only can be used by Pizeo DX4 DX5 DX7 head printer,and can not used by konica,xaar,seiko heads! and printing materials all are same!

2.solvent ink!
solvent ink is not Environmental ink, before 9 years ago which the time not have Eco solvent ink printer, so it was only advertising outdoor printing ink,
Note: Solvent ink are only can be used by konica,xaar,seiko heads! and can not used by DX4 DX5 DX7 head. and printing materials all are same!

3.UV ink!
UV (UV-curable) ink refers to the ultraviolet radiation, and the use of different wavelengths of ultraviolet light energy to an ink feed monomer to polymer, and drying the ink of the ink film. UV inks also belongs ink as ink, they must have bright colors (except in exceptional circumstances), good printability, proper curing and drying rate. Meanwhile there is good adhesion, and have wear and corrosion resistance, weather and other features.

4 different between eco solvent ink and solvent ink!
Eco-solvent ink and solvent ink comparison, the biggest advantage is a friendly environment, mainly in reducing VOC volatile matter and is no longer
used in many toxic organic solvents, weak solvent inkjet production plant is no longer needed ventilation. While low-solvent inks in maintaining the advantages of water-based inks produce high-precision screen, but also to overcome the harsh and production of water-based ink screen substrate can not be applied in outdoor and other shortcomings. Thus, low-solvent inks between aqueous and solvent-based inks, taking into account the advantages of both.

5.different between Eco Solvent ink and UV ink.
Eco solvent ink And UV ink comparison : of course that the UV ink is better.because Eco solvent ink printing materails all can be coverd by UV ink and also no need to coating to print.But UV ink price is expensive more than eco solvent ink.

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