what are sublimation printing technology.

what are sublimation printing technology.

Sublimation is the traditional screen printing by sublimation transfer ink to paper ( or plastic film ) on the printed graphic paper ( or film ) and the fabric overlap heat, pressure or less pressure , paper ( or film ) on the dye sublimation transfer into the gas phase to the fabric . 
In addition to the fabric , but also can be transferred to the ceramic , metal and other products. The main feature is the sublimation transfer technology transfer image colorful, rich layers , the effect can be comparable with the printing . The difference is that with the printing ink dye transfer by sublimation , penetrate the surface, bright color image after the formation of condensate . So durable heat transfer products , the image will not fall off.

1.you must need sublimation printers.

Digital inkjet sublimation transfer is using a digital camera or scanner and the image data of a professional gallery , image processing and design through the computer , made ​​of colorful needed , the level of detailed images , and through equipped with a special dye-sublimation transfer inkjet printer ink by computer design images printed on the base paper , and then the image on the transfer paper by Lin- baked , grilled or pan heated printer , a few images on the transfer .

2.you also need the sublimation heat press.

The most suitable sublimation heat transfer machines under process conditions should be 205 ℃ role in the 20 ~ 30s. In the 170 ~ 180 ℃ and 10s are 
ineffective. At 180 ~ 190 ℃ and 15 ~ 10s, the ring can only achieve dyeing effect . As in 230 ~ 240 ℃ and 40s over the stubby , if more than 240 ℃ 
and 45s is close to melting . Different types of fiber fabric , the transfer conditions are different .
In addition to the temperature and time , when the pressure transfer printing is also a very important condition. If the pressure is too small, the 
gap between the fabric and paper flowers large , rounded yarn , so that the dye molecules and the air a lot of gas Fugitive collision , resulting in poor results , but also easy bleeding of dyes , rough lines and patterns blur. If you increase the pressure , the yarn can be a flat , the gap between the fabric and paper flowers small but good color transfer effects , a clear pattern , smooth fine lines . But the pressure over the General Assembly deformed shape fluff and heavy fabric changes, and produce the aurora , bringing the feel stiff and coloring 
superficial shortcomings.

3.after you have above 2 of machine, so you can easy to do all sublimation printing to Cloth, T-shirts, fabric, metal.ceramic and more materials

follows is also to you know how to heat transfer good color to the materails.
A. The transfer temperature of the polyester temperature 190 ~ 200 ℃ (3Os), such as high temperature to harden the fabric , the transfer temperature is too low concentration becomes low . Plastic , the first heat-resistant plastic recognized , then the allowable range in the transfer , it takes a long time .
B. Pressure
If the pressure becomes too low concentration of the transfer , the pressure is too little blur printed pattern , which is suitable pressure 1 ~ 2kg/cm2C. Heat
Short version with direct heat transfer time (20 ~ 30s), a longer transfer time with a hot oven ( please test to determine ) .
C patience
When poly fabric with a cool , light , good resistance to washing . Plastic , because of the light , as when the pollution , temperature and water pollution on some issues , so after confirmation well in advance , and then print the job .

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