how to find good Eco solvent outdoor printer

how to find good Eco solvent outdoor printer.

find a good way to invest buying good Eco solvent outdoor printer which can help for you printing business, Now day has many many supplier in china exporting Eco solvent outdoor printer,but i think follows 3 of point can let you understand to buy a good Eco solvent outdoor printing machine.

1. they are very big exporting trading company, ( if they are big trading company, so you can think, they company is big, so they also need much profit to run the company,and put much money in advertising in internet, so these company is expensive to sell a large format printer.

2. some of seller in china for selling DX5 head printer put very low price, so if you face these, you must understand the seller quota whether has included DX5 head, automatic head clear system. these 2 of parts is very important for a DX5 head printer. ( if they are not quota you the printer whether included DX5 head and auto head clear sytem, so after you receive the machine ,you need to buy head again, and cost money in time,( so before you buy , must ask sure printer has included DX5 head and automatic head clear system.)

3. DX5 head eco solvent printer has different working size, different working size has different price

hope above 2 of point can help all buyer, thanks ,
and follows are our DX5 head eco solvent printer details

1. Epson DX5 printhead with 24.5mm width and 8 lines nozzles,Max 1440dpi.
   It’s intergrated print head(one head can use 4 color ink)
2. Double 4-color ink supply which outputs delicately and colorfully.
3.The upgraded version and advanced technologies in printer control system,
   movement system, auto clean&protect system and ink supply system.
4.Nice appearance, Simple structure design, convenient operation and
  easy maintaince.
CY-1600ECO or CY-1800 or CY-2100 or CY-3200
Ink Cartridge :Crystal piezo ink cartridge DX5
Head amount :Epson DX5 head
Print width:1600mm or 1800mm or 2100mm or 3200mm
360×720  360×1080  720×720  720×1080  1440×1440(dpi)
speed  2 pass 16m2/hr
       6 pass 11 m2 /hr
       8 pass 8 m2 /hr
       12 pass 4 m2 /hr
Ink type :Waterbased  / sublimation ink / eco-solvent
Color :Double 4 color ( CC . YY. MM. KK)
Ink tank :Each color 440ml
Ink supply :Card gate bulk continual ink supply system
Media :Media width:1650mm or 1850mm or 2150mm or 3250mm
Media type
Use water-based ink: indoor PP paper, photo paper, backlit film,
card paper etc. Use eco-solvent ink: outdoor PP paper,
PVC sticker, vinyl, one way vision, banner etc
and all outdoor solvent materails , and sublimation paper
Head height:1.5~3mm adjustable
Heating :Inserted intelligent heating system
( mid heating, back heating with wind drying to be optional)
Media absorbing:Several parts, intelligent media wind absorbing system:Media feeding
Yes (media max weight: 40kg)
Head cleaning:Auto cleaning, anti-clogging, moisturizing of ink catridge:Media clamper yes
Print port
RIP sotware
this quotation has already included DX5 head and feeding system and heat system and all new parts

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