rotating roller sublimation heat machine

rotating roller sublimation heat machine.

rotating roller sublimation heat transfer machine in our daily lives is mainly used in decorative effect printing products , for large banners , flags , nonwovens, apparel fabrics , towels, blankets, mouse pads and other products for sublimation transfer , particularly is a continuous transfer the piece of cloth , so as to tumble garment industry applications where heat transfer machine is very large .

Below are some of the features of its introduction, let us look together . It features drum transfer machine has the following main points:

1, the blanket use of imported raw materials, thickness of 0.8 per cent , a good transfer efficiency , long life ;

2 , with 100% seamless drum , the drum , outside Seiko lathes, precision grinding drum outside , and then plated Tiefo ensure consistent temperature for each point . Optional single and double drum roller , double roller heat more evenly , no color transfer effects , saving 30 % -40 % , stainless steel heating pipe heating oil directly , within 5 minutes to heat up to 200 degrees ;

3, the main wall of steel using 10 cm thick steel plate , wire cutting, high precision, the error is smaller ;

4 , each off-axis tone Seiko lathes, grinding, and then plated platinum, error control at 2 C or less , so that work does not deviate under blankets ;

5 , electrical control , high-quality digital display , temperature, time control , higher accuracy ;

6 , pneumatic pressure / hydraulic pressure function , better transfer efficiency , deeper color and more vivid ;

7 , blankets automatic separation , when a power outage or shutdown , the blanket cylinder automatic separation and better protection blankets, prolong life ;

8 , the conveyor belt transmission function, the product of the transfer , after transfer to the back of the conveyor frame work , more labor -saving , alternative transportation up and down function , high efficiency ;

9 , the machine features a 3 to put the 2 admission , can be customized according to customer requirements, optional air shaft close / put , better positioning ;

10 , multi-functional oil drum transfer printing machine can do : cut pieces , bolts of cloth ( horsepower ) and clothing .

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