which large format printer can use Eco solvent ink?

What Printer can use Eco solvent ink.

Eco-solvent ink, eco-solvent ink or called, began in recent years on the outdoor solvent-based digital inkjet market popular high security, low volatility, low micro-toxicity, high flash point of a new outdoor solvent spray ink, and its development has not stalled, has been raised higher requirements, to develop it as a green solvent inkjet outdoor.

follows we are telling about what kinds of large format inkjet printer can use Eco solvent ink.

1. Esopn Head printer can use Eco solvent ink.

2. Roland printer can use Eco solvent ink.

3  Mimaki printer can use Eco solvent ink.

4. Mutoh printer can use Eco solvent ink

5. piezo DX5 head printer can use Eco solvent ink

6. Piezo DX6 head printer can use Eco solvent ink

7. Pizeo DX7 head printer can use Eco solvent ink

now in the world only above 7 types of large format printer can use sublimation ink from my Experience.

follows let us know more Eco solvent ink information.
1.Eco solvent ink Superiority
Eco-solvent ink and solvent ink comparison, the biggest advantage is a friendly environment, mainly in reducing VOC volatile matter and is no longer used in many toxic organic solvent, eco-solvent inkjet production machine shop is no longer needed ventilation. While low-solvent inks in maintaining the advantages of water-based inks produce high-precision screen, but also to overcome the harsh and production of water-based ink screen substrate can not be applied in outdoor and other shortcomings. Thus, low-solvent inks between aqueous and solvent-based inks, taking into account the advantages of both.

2.Eco solvent ink Feature
1 beautiful colors, rich, lifelike, wide color gamut, excellent color performance;
Waterproof, wear-resistant easy bleaching.
(2) the use of imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, do not plug;
3 outdoor expressive durable, resistant to the effects of UV rays to prevent color fading;
4 does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and the like toxic solvents, small taste;
5 good adhesion, quick-drying;
6 To sum up: Eco-solvent inks have been widely used in the universal printer and large format outdoor printer industry.

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