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ArtCAM Insignia is a carved design and two-dimensional semi-processed systems. It can be used directly by the two-dimensional vector artwork quickly produce excellent results sculpture design and CNC toolpaths. ArtCAM Insignia is carving design and processing industry with reliable solutions. We are committed to maintaining our leadership position in the software industry, so you can keep your competitive edge, never out of date. 

ArtCAM Insignia provides a very flexible design tool, you can think of, ArtCAM Insignia can do. Powerful vector tools and font control, you can quickly produce a vector design. Advanced vector editing software, so you can freely modify the design or data editing input. True shape nesting capabilities can significantly reduce material waste; automatic insert wizard allows you to easily generate artistic mosaic work.

ArtCAM Insignia provides flexible processing tools as well as fast and reliable processing strategies. These strategies include nested sculpture, two-dimensional area cleared (cavity machining), three-dimensional slant carving, V-shaped sculpture, multi-board tools and tool path connecting bridge features automatic segmentation functions.
These new features include:
A three-dimensional relief pattern library files - files with a 500 three-dimensional relief. Gallery allows you to call a three-dimensional relief document design. When in use, can always be added to your own three-dimensional relief to the gallery. All three-dimensional relief files can be set dynamically position, scale, rotation and added to the new three-dimensional model, subtract, merge.

Texture -ArtCAM Pro allows you to use standard or custom texture embossed texture.

Asymmetric profile - by rotation, extrusion or rotation about a specified starting point to generate the asymmetric shape of the relief. Simply based on a preset mode, you can step through a complete modeling process.

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