Pcut CS1200 Vinyl Plotter USB Driver and Manual

Pcut Plotter CS1200 Driver and Manual.

USB Driver and User Manul For CS1200 Vinyl Plotter.

CS1200 Vinyl Plotter Introduction.(And Donwload USB Driver And User Manual Link is on end of this article).

Basic information of pickup CS series plotter:
1. The CS630 Pcut plotter can directly copy files to the SD card to work without a computer connection at all, so that one computer can control multiple plotters.
CS1200 Plotter

2. The new red light positioning function can realize the precise cutting of the outline of the ink-jet painted color pattern, which is convenient for cutting and unchanged. (Optional).

3. Advanced smooth cutting function, finely crafted and meticulous steel claw shaft to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding, independent positioning and operation of the pinch roller.

4. CS Plotter With The USB2.0/COM dual interface makes the transmission more convenient and supports various software connections.

5. The exquisite paper-bearing blue enables you to work relaxed and happy in a clean environment. (Optional).

6. Blue backlight and silica gel buttons, Pcut CS1200 Plotter has large-screen LCD with white characters on blue background, beautiful and durable silica gel buttons.

7. CS1200 Plotter advanced control system adopts advanced ARM SOPC controller, high-performance intelligent subdivision drive and the use of good-performance SMD tantalum capacitors. Advanced and scientific production technology ensures its high quality and high stability.

8. CS Series Plotter can be Adjustable double stick support for paper feeding system, convenient for loading different types of media.

9. Up to 600G strong pressure can cut super reflective film.

If this Pcut CS 1200 Series Plotter USB Driver has Problem, How to do?(Here is the Video to you know how to setup This Plotter USB Port).

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