failure Error Solution For 750 850 Novajet Lecai Large format Printer

Novajet Lecai 750 printer Error Message Solution.

If Your Large format Printer Failure With Error"Bad carriage paper SenSor"On the Led Screen. So need to check follows Reason To Fix The Problem.
Printer Failure Error Solution
Cause of failure:   

1, Maybe the Cables From Color Board To Paper Decoder are not connected good.

2, Maybe All color board and mainboard Cable is not connected good.

3. Paper Decoder Damaged!

1, Re-serk the Cable From Color Board To Paper Decoder
2, Re-serk color board and mainboard all cables
3, change a new Paper Decoder.
The solutions to more problems of this series of large format printers are as follows .
1. The printer does not keep printing / printing pause.
Solution: Before booting into Computer BOOS, first select Inteyrated peyipherals, then superio device, then select parallel portmode {ECP}, and finally press F10 to save the settings.
2. When powering on Printer, the Head Car hits On Printer left.
⒈The grating sensor is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
⒉The grating sensor is broken and needs to be replaced.
⒊The data line is not plugged in properly, so you need to plug it in several times. 
3. Printhead Leak Ink when Printing.
⒈The air in the Printhead is not cleaned, so it needs to be pumped several times.
⒉The ink tube interface does not fit well, so you need to reinsert or replace the interface.
⒊Print head leaks, you need to find out where the leak is and seal it with glue. 

For More Technical Support For These Series Indoor Large format Printer.
1. The 750 850 Novajet Lecai Printhead Installation Video.
2. 750 850 Novajet Lecai Printer Body Installation Video.

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