What Epson Printhead XP600 is good For you Inkjet Printer?

Epson XP600 Head a Good Choose For Printers?

As all User know that Epson Printhead has many type, Such ask DX4 DX5 DX7 DX10 DX11 R1400?
But do you know how to choose it ?
What is Best For XP600 Head Eco solvent printer? Wich XP600 Head Is good for UV ink Printer?

Does this XP600 Head is suitable for Sublimation Ink Printing?

We have enough experience in the market of XP 600 Head Large format printer And XP600 Head UV printer in China. So Now Let us talk about these Epson Printhead Features and advantage. and share to all Friendly User,(Here is also the video how to choose XP600 Head For Your Printer).

Epson XP600 Head

1. XP600 Head how come to difference between Epson DX5 Printhead and DX7 Printhead is that the DX5 market has been used for a longer time, more extensively, and more stable. At the same time, the price of DX5 will be higher than that of DX7. But DX7 is most use on Eco solvent printer and Sublimation Printer

2. Epson DX5 Printhead and XP600 Printhead

The service life of DX5 head is longer than XP600 and the printing speed is faster, but the price of DX5 head is very expensive.

3. Epson TX800 and R1400 heads

If it’s our experience, we don’t like TX800 print head, because this print head is very easy to block, not suitable for UV and Eco ink, personal suggestion: choose R1400 head directly


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