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Guide how to choose a Suitable large format printer?

The Best Guide To Choose Buy a large format Printer. Before you choose a Large format Printer. You should be consider many factor whether is Suitable For yourself.   1. Classification for large format printers. Microburst Technology Large format Printer. It are Popular For Indoor Signage Printing. And Printhead is same as Novajet 750 Printer, The Resolution is low between 600 Dpi To 1200 Dpi. Pizeo Technology Large format Printer. These are Popular For Eco solvent Outdoor Signage Printing. The Printhead Technology is Based Pizeo Head, Such as Epson,Konica,seiko Nozzle. Also Printhead Nozzle Lifespan is long with Between 3 Month to 2 Year. Printing Resolution all are higher than 1440 DPI. 2. Pizeo Epson Printhead Classification. Epson Company has been developing Printhead in the market for nearly 20 years.  Now 2021 Year Popular Printhead is as XP600,TX800,DX7,DX5,DX10,5110,I3200 Printhead . 3. Large Format Printer components. If Say One completed Large format Printer, So it has follows

Eco solvent Outdoor VS Indoor Large format printer.

Outdoor Printer VS Indoor Printer. There are Many Different Type Of large format printer,But which should be Choose for you Printing Shop? Which will be the Good one for you Start a Printing Business. What Are Different Between Large format Eco solvent Printer and Indoor Printer Indoor Large format printer Outdoor Large format printer The different is the Ink , If you Choose Indoor Printer, So the printer can only use Dye Water ink. Other Is Outdoor printer, If you choose Outdoor printer, so the printer price would be high more, but can you use Eco solvent ink to outdoor durable color 2 years.  For the majority of Signs Printing stores, the requirements for large format printers in the production of advertising inkjet have also been further improved. Faced with the requirements of large and small formats, high-definition pictures, and different customer needs, as an indispensable inkjet tool in the advertising industry, how should outdoor advertising choose what outdoor large format p

Repair 750 850 Novajet lecai Large format printer

Solution For Large format printer Error " carriage Axis Failure".   Failure Error: The Novajet 750 Large format Printer Error Message on LCD display say : " carriage Axis Failure" analysis For The Large format Printer Problem:  1, the Printer belt pulley and the copper sleeve damage is made in the resistance is too large; 2, the Large format Printer Motor General Life is 1200 - 800 hours, the use of time beyond this range may cause damage to the motor. Solution To Fix The Problem: 1, check the Problem belt wheel bearing rotation is normal, such as the bearing deformation or rotation is not smooth, the belt pulley damage; 2, remove the copper sleeve, clean and wipe and then try again; 3, first of all, "servo cycle" test, if the resistance value is increased or noise is too large, the motor is too long, need to change the new motor. For More Common Failure Error On This Model Large format Printer, Try To Fix Problem On Follows Solution. 1. Inter

The Cheapest Supplier - Large format Eco solvent printer.

The Cheap Large format Eco solvent Printer in Chinese Supplier. What are the applications of Large format Eco solvent printer? Large format Eco solvent printer has a wide range of applications. such as bus body sticker advertising, light box film, lamp film, art cloth, canvas, decorative painting, shopping mall advertising, etc.  1: Bus body sticker application, like the previous body advertisements are printed by Large format Eco solvent printer, the accuracy is low, the visual sense is too bad, and the effect is not ideal! The Large format Eco solvent printer machine has high precision and strong expressive power, especially the delicate skin or exquisite products can be printed very realistically, and the small characters as small as 2mm can be clearly expressed, so the Large format Eco solvent printer is irreplaceable in the production of car advertising Production method. For example, the password Kee indoor and outdoor piezoelectric Large format Eco solvent printer machine M16 ne

Cheap Price Dye Indoor Large format Photo Printer

Lecai Skycolor Large format Photo Printer 750 850 1200 Dpi. Hot Sale Cheap Price 1600mm 1.6m Large format Photo Printer Updated Novajet 750 System. It can Printing Good Photo With 1200 Dpi. Such As Lecai,Skycolor Since 2000 Year Hot sale Indoor Photo Printing Machine.( Here are All Models Large format Photo Printer Printing Video ). 2021 New 1.6m Large format Photo Printer characteristic. 1. This Large Format Photo Printer provides 8 ink banks. The double-pipe ink supply system and 8 ink banks can easily and quickly switch between different inks to meet the needs of users for diversified work. So that the domestic photo machine has multiple functions of outdoor photo machine and outdoor inkjet machine. 2.This Updated 750 Model Photo Printer has a quick drying system. This outdoor photo machine has a dynamic thermal drying system to effectively reduce the drying time. It is a powerful tool for your outdoor photo and inkjet production. 3.This 1200 Dpi Large foramt Photo Printer is a clea

Large format printer features.

Large format printer features. If you need to print the occasional banner, poster, or blueprint, your local print shop can do the job. But when it's time to print similar wide documents more frequently, you may want to consider purchasing large format printers. Large format printers are application-specific, so you'll find different machines based on the type of business you run and the type of printing you want to do. For instance, architects, engineers, and construction personnel use these devices for computer-aided design (CAD) printouts like blueprints, floor plans or spec documents. These monochrome LED printers won't give you the best resolution, but they're faster and more appropriate for large volume jobs. On the other hand, businesses like ad agencies, educational institutions, and retail stores that need large format printing for signage and posters can benefit from printers that provide the best resolution for color graphics. Once you know the type of printin

what to check when you buy used Large format printer

what to check when you buy used Large format printer, Used wide-format printer technology. The first thing to learn is the difference between "used" wide format printers and "refurbished" wide format printers. "Used" means previously-owned. This machine has likely been used in the normal process of business and has accumulated wear and tear as a result of that use. When purchased through a dealer, these machines may include a guarantee of at least 30 to 60 days and will usually have been inspected and certified that they're in working order. "Refurbished" often indicates a printer that has been returned to a store because the original customer either wasn't satisfied with what it did, changed their mind, or because the machine didn't work properly. On costlier models, refurbished machines may also be the result of a trade-in on leased product that the original owner opted not to purchase. In some cases refurbished wide-format printers

DX5 DX7 XP600 Large format Printer In South America Dealer

Best DX5 DX7 XP600 Printer In South America. Best South America Business Deal With Epson DX5 DX7 XP600 Printhead Large format Printer, Sublimation Printer and Outdoor Banner Printer. New designed cap station For DX5 DX7 XP600 Large format Printer Dealer In South America adopts straight arrangement design, largely reduce cap station area and weight,increase print speed highly. XP600/DX5/4720/DX7 available To work efficiency up to 35 square meters per hour under 4 pass production mode with good output . DX5 DX7 XP600 Large format Printer In South America Dealer User-friendly interface Chinese and English, one-click switching.Easy to operate by operator. The Printer Material detection system Once material run out,printer will stop printing automatically. South America DX5 DX7 XP600 Large format Printer High quality board system Based High quality and unlocked motherboard ensure stable printing and long life span.(3 year warranty)  Platform temperature control system True 3 phase pre-middl

Free Download Epson DX7 Printhead ICC Driver Atool For Maintop

Get Link Free to Download Chinese 1.8m Epson Dx7 Printhead. Large format Printer Icc Driver And Atool Software. This ICC Profile Driver And Atools Software Donwload Link will be to you on End Of This Article.. Now Let Us Say More about This ICC Profile Driver And Atools Software. 1. What Is "Atool Software" For Our 1800 DX7 Head large format printer? Atool software is a Connection Tools When you connect Our Printer with Your Computer. So you need to open it, click connect, If show you connects successful, So it is fine. 2. What is "Maintop ICC profile"? As All Large format Printer User Know that Maintop is a Rip Software. And ICC is means Color Profile , also call it Maintop Driver for DX7 head.. When You Install it, So please open Maintop , Click File, Click Setup Printer, So there are driver setting, Click It, can import Our This ICC file to Maintop , So it will be Ok Working. 3. What is About Our 1800 series Large format DX7 Head Printer? We are Direct Manuafactu

Maintop ICC Profile Alignment Tool For 3.2m Printer

Welcome To Our Company Technical Blog Side, Today we are taking this 3.2m 10 Feet Eco-solvent Outdoor Printer DVD File to Share All Buyer. Thanks for your choice.   The Follows This  End Of Page Will having the Download Link   3.2m Eco-solvent Printer Maintop ICC Profile Alignment Tool. If you Choice Our Brand Large format Printer 3.2m Double Head Eco-solvent Printer, We suggest you Read This Technical Support article Until you Finish. It Would Be Helpful For You Setup And Install Our This 10 Feet 3.2m Eco-solvent Printer.   This Picture Is share you Our Printer Body Installation, You can also download DVD inside to Get HD Completed Photos Above Is the First Step when the customer Receives our 3.2m Eco-solvent Printer Package. Install The Printer Body and Legs.   Then The Installer needs to Download this DVD For The Printer Maintop And Alignment Toos, Also inside has all full user manuals to set up the Printer Connecting with Computer, And Printhead, And Eco-solvent Inks.   01. When C

best 10 brands large format printer!

best 10 brands large format printer in china! large format printer with nozzles spray a variety of color patterns on the special material , in fact, it is a large-format printer. Generally used in advertising , graphic , CAD industry before 2004 based mainly on imported machinery . Photo by machine nozzle technology is divided into two categories: Best 10 Brand large format printer . 1.Epson EPSON ( founded in Nagano, Japan , the famous brand , the digital image is a global leader in the field of business in 1942 , Fortune 500 companies , Epson ( China ) Co., Ltd. ) 2.Hewlett-Packard HP ( founded in 1939, the United States , the world's Fortune 500 companies , the world's top 500 brands , industry leading brands , large multinational companies , Hewlett-Packard ( China ) Co., Ltd. ) 3.Canon Canon ( founded in 1937 in Japan , the world's leading integrated production of imaging and information products group , the Fortune Global 500 companies , Canon ( China

Low Cost Free Shipping Large format printer In Lagos,Nigeria

Low Cost Large format Printer In Lagos Warehouse. Low Cost Large format Printers Free shipping to Lagos,Nigeria Based Local Supplier for All Printing Machine Solutions. 70sqm/h DX5 XP600 Digital Printer 1.6m 1.8m 3.2m China DX5 plotter Large format poster canvas vinyl wrap eco solvent printer Free Shipping To Lagos,Nigeria. Wide format printers (large format printers) are computer-controlled printing machines (printers) that support a print roll width starting from 18" and below 100". Printers with capacities above 100" wide are known as super wide or grand format. Hope this answers your query. Also, if you want to buy one, we would like to suggest that you go for China Best business printers.  Yinghe Blueprint Deju Hongcai Lecai yite Large foramt Printers In Nigeria Warehouse. 1.8m/6ft Eco solvent printer 1800 is our most popular model since 2017 Year. It has gained good popularity among our domestic market and oversea dealers with it's fashionable outlook, stable

how to make money with a wide format printer

how to make money with a wide format printer. investing wide format printer for you business making money Are you considering investing in a wide format inkjet printer for your business? This kind of equipment can add a number of benefits to your enterprise. It will allow you to print posters and other types of graphics that you would not be able to generate from a regular sized printer. Having this kind of equipment in-house means that you would not have to rely on outside providers for this type of specialty work. How Inkjet printers work Wide Format Printer Studio An inkjet printer uses a print head that contains several nozzles which spray drops of ink onto the paper or surface being printed. The printer uses cartridges for each ink color. In the case of a digital wide format ink jet printer, toner would be used instead of liquid ink. This product has the advantage of being less messy, since it is in a powder form. During the printing process, the printer sprays dots of color at ea

Download USB Driver For Dx7 Dx5 XP600 Printer

Get Here To Free Donwload: USB Driver For Our 1.6M 1.8M DX5 DX7 XP600 Printhead Large format Printer. What Is This USB Driver For Your Epson Head Printer?  What Printer Will Suitable For This Driver Installation . This USB Driver Is For Connecting Our Dx5 Dx7 Xp600 Printhead Large format Printer With Your Computer. It is a necessary Steps For You Installation to Our Large format printer 1800 Series. If you Don't Have This USB Driver , Please Donwload It On Our This Article End Page. Now Let Us To See How To Setup Our This USB Driver To our This Printer. 01. Donwload Our This USB Driver. 02. Click Your Computer Control Panel 03. Click Your Computer Programs  04. See Your Computer Show You a New device, and click it to update USB Driver, Then Choose Our This USB Driver To Update.  05. So Your Computer Show You This device USB Driver Install successful . More Over, Let Us See Our This Best DX7 DX5 XP600 Head Large format printer How is Works.   Why You Choose Our This Brand DX7 DX5 XP

large format Eco solvent outdoor printer price

large format Eco solvent outdoor printer price. large format Eco solvent outdoor printer which There are many aspects can be applied, and the largest advertising industry applications should be it. Basically used to promote the advertising industry, and the method of advertising is varied, can be on billboards, buses can also be cars, or cars car body advertising business, these are applied to the outdoor pictures. The outdoor pictures photo realistic accuracy can be achieved, the performance is very strong, especially delicate skin or delicate products can print very realistic, small can be very small print of 2mm clear performance in the outdoor advertising industry Photo machine can be said irreplaceable. Introduced kinds of large format Eco solvent outdoor printer types: 1. DX5 head eco solvent printer large format used Epson DX5 head which can printing all outdoor media for doing outdoor advertising, printable size can be 1.52m - 1.8m - 2.2m -3.2m 2. Xaar Head outdoor printer

Letop Large format DX5 Head Banner Vinyl Printer

Letop 1.8m Large format DX5 Head Printer For Banner Vinyl. Why you choose The TOSUN Letop Digital Printing machine,such as the Flex banner Printer, Large format Printer,DX5 DX7 XP600 Head Printer, Eco solvent Printer,Sublimation Plotter?( Completed Printing Video ).   Tosun Letop Large format DX5 Head Printer Price and Features. TOSUN Letop Printer Guide Lines. The silent Linear Guide Rail is fixed By 35 Screws,which enhance the Running Stability Of the car and improves the Printing Accuracy of the machine. Assembiy TOSUN Letop Printer. Motor Controlled automatic lifting ink stack can clean the sprinkler head and effectively protect the sprinkler Head. TOSUN Letop Printer Heating Control. The heating Teperature Can be adjustable before and after heating,500W Before Heating and 1000W After Heating. Maintenance for TOSUN Letop Printer. The Left And Right Chassis can be easily opened to Facilitate future Replacement of accessories,simple and time-saving. TOSUN Letop Printer Operate contro

Computer failure Connection For DX5 DX7 Head Printer

How To Fix Problem In DX5 DX7 Head Printer Connect Computer failure .  Solution For DX5 DX7 Printhead Printer Connection IP Address Atools Software. Many Customer Is not Know How To Setup Ip address and Atools For DX5 DX7 Large format Printer Connections with Computer. Today we are talking about this situation To Fix This Problem. The Firstly: Connect This DX5 DX7 Head Eco solvent Printer Netcable With Your Computer. 2. See Your Printer LCD Screen whether has show you connected ok? ( If showed you the  icon ) So you can continue to Setup Computer IP and Printer IP Address on Atools Software. 3. When you setup Ip address, you need to keep sure that Computer Internet IP Address is sure same as our user manual The Secondly: So you can click Atools Software Connect. If everything is fine, so Atools Software show you connection successful . The thirdly: So please install maintop Rip software. After install, please open Maintop, click file and click "Printer Setup" then , import ou

what are large format printers classify?

what are large format printers classify? large format printers has classified 3 types printer: indoor inkjet printing machine, outdoor inkjet printing machine, sublimation printing machine. however, follows is for introducing these printers different and printed materials. 1. large format indoor printers. this type of printer has 4 color printer and 6 color printer which are used thermal Head as aqueous or water-based. The expression water base is a  usually acknowledged misnomer. The pigment is assumed in a non-reactive  mover solution that is from time to time water and other times an  alternative liquid, including soy sourced liquid. Aqueous ink commonly  comes in 2 essences, Dye and Ultra Violet. Dye ink is extreme color, low  Ultra Violet resistant variety that offers the widest color gamut.  Ultra Violet ink is normally duller in color but hold up fading from  Ultra Violet rays. In general principle to desktop inkjet printers.  Completed prints using dye inks must be plastic-c

What Large format printer can use sublimation ink?

What printer can use sublimation ink. Dye-sublimation thermal transfer ink industry has vast history, since the thermal transfer ink appears that many industries are printed on a variety of colorful patterns with this ink material. in printer industry,many many kinds of printer can use sublimation ink, but if in large format inkjet printer industry only Piezo head printer can use sublimation. follows we are telling about what kinds of large format inkjet printer can use sublimation ink. 1. Esopn Head printer can use sublimation ink. 2. Roland printer can use sublimation ink. 3  Mimaki printer can use sublimation ink.  4. Mutoh printer can use sublimation ink 5. piezo DX5 head printer can use sublimation ink 6. Piezo DX6 head printer can use sublimation ink 7. Pizeo DX7 head printer can use sublimation ink now in the world only above 7 types of large format printer can use sublimation ink from my Experience. follows is the Dye sublimation ink Feature Dye sublimati

Printer Error Message"shutdown carriage AXis Failure"

What is Problem Cause The Printer failure ?   How To Fix Printer Error: Internal Error,Shut down,Carriage Axis Failure. Today We are Training You How to Find Printer Failure Solution. Follows are The Novajet Lecai Skycolor Large format Printer Common Error Problem Solution. 1. Printer Led Screen showed: Error "shutdown carriage AXis Failure". Problem analysis: (1).Maybe the something stopped the Y axis Feeding ,so this error message out to LCD display (2).dirty or impure, resulting in ink car bracket operation is not smooth (3)Head copper, belts, motors and other damage or damage caused by the action can not be Moving (4) Printer encountered low temperature, copper sleeve, belt after cold induced resistance Solution To Fix The Problem: 1, cleaning Printer X Rails parts; 2, replace the The Printer copper sleeve, belt or motor. 3, to maintain Your Printer working environment temperature. For More Printer Installation Problem, Software configuration, Printhead P

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